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corporate culture

Enterprise philosophy

Customer-centric strategy.

Customer service is an important reason for the existence of Shun Tford, and the needs of customers are the driving force for Shun Tford's development.

Good quality, good service, fast product innovation, priority to meet customer needs, enhance customer competitiveness and profitability.

Work together with customers to share the benefits of the insurance regulatory chain and create a win-win situation.

Corporate vision

Become a respected and more innovative global leader in values

Achievement Customer A commitment to customer satisfaction and success.

Entrepreneurial innovation - The pursuit of speed and efficiency, focusing on innovation that has an impact on customers and companies.

Integrity and integrity - integrity and responsibility, unity of action.

Precision - fact-based decision making and business management.

Enterprise mission

Provide competitive full self-proclaimed heavy packaging production line, continue to create greater value for customers.

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